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Supplier Quality Manuals

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What are Customer Specific Requirements and Supplier Quality Manuals?

"Customer-specific requirements are requirements which are outside the TS document. Had all the subscribers to the document been able to agree on these unique, very specific, company-specific requirements, then those requirements would have been written as part of the text inside TS. I cannot stress enough, the importance of the audit team receiving details of customer-specific requirements well in advance of any audit (initial, surveillance, or renewal) from the organization, using them as a basis for the audit planning process. Failure to do so is viewed as an audit failure in any witness audit.

- Harold Hodder, IAOB -

"Customer-specific requirements are those that are agreed to between the supplier and the customer. They typically fall into the following categories:

  • Part-specific requirements (dimensions, materials, performance characteristics, etc.)
  • Delivery requirements
  • Boiler-plate requirements (typically found in the purchase order)
  • General requirements (PPAP, APQP, etc.)
  • Process requirements (example: heat treat)"

- Joe Bransky, General Motors -

"Requirements created by the customer with the expectation that the supplier will identify, implement, and audit these customer-specific requirements with the same intensity that they do the basic requirements of the standard."

- Robert Kozak, DNV Certification Ltd -

"It is important to note that the terms customer specific requirements and supplier quality manuals are in many ways interchangeable. Some customers refer to their documents directly as 'Customer Specific Requirements' while others call their documents 'Supplier Manuals' or 'Supplier Quality Manuals'. The distinction, in part, is that 'Supplier Manuals' or 'Supplier Quality Manuals' often contain customer specific requirements, as well as policies, terms and conditions unrelated to quality. Customer specific requirements, in their truest form, seek to expand the standard, or define how a customer wants a portion of the standard to be met."

- Matt Morris, Customer Specific Requirements -

Auditors and CB's

ISO/TS 16949 states: "The goal of this Technical Specification is the development of a quality management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain. This Technical Specification, coupled with applicable customer-specific requirements, defines the fundamental quality management system requirements for those subscribing to this document."

As an auditor of standards, you are required to obtain a copy of your client's Customer Specific Requirements, prior to the audit, for use in audit planning. But, if the client doesn't know about these Customer Specific Requirements, or better yet, doesn't want YOU to know about these requirements, you may not receive a copy of everything you need in order to do your job correctly. solves this problem for you by allowing auditors to share the Customer Specific Requirements and Supplier Quality Manuals with other auditors. Additionally, you will instantly gain access to every document within our system (even those loaded by customers and suppliers). As an Auditor, or Certification Body, you license is FREE. All that we ask for in return for your FREE membership is continued participation. As you collect documents, please verify that the documents in our system are the latest revision. If a document has not yet been loaded, please load a copy for use by other members. Gain access to the webs largest library of Customer Specific Requirements for free, and help your clients gain access to these documents by telling them today!

Other features include:

  • Instant alerts anytime one of your bookmarked documents is updated.
  • The ability to make personalized notes on each document to help you while performing your audits.
  • The ability to make public notes on each document for sharing your thoughts with other users.

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Finding customer specific requirements has long been a challenge. In fact, a survey of current automotive suppliers found that a significant number did not know where to go for the latest applicable customer specific requirements - that is until now. Our website was designed from the ground floor to be a one stop shop for everything pertaining to Customer Specific Requirements and Supplier Quality Manuals. Our easy to use service will allow you to automatically share your documents with other users, allow them to share their documents with you, and will send you email alerts any time one of your bookmarked documents has been updated.

Other features include:

  • The ability to make personalized notes on each document so that you can highlight the portions that are most relevant to you.
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Each year, countless dollars are spent releasing the latest revisions of customer specific requirements and supplier quality manuals. Whether it be the cost of creating CD's, the cost of postage, the cost of managing your website, or the time involved in tracking down which of your suppliers have signed for the new document, there is a real cost to making sure that your supplier base has the information they need to supply you with parts and material that meet your specifications.

At, we make the distribution of these documents quick, painless, and affordable. Our web based solution streamlines your document distribution and gives your customers immediate access to the documentation they need. Even more importantly, it will send your suppliers automated email alerts anytime you upload a new revision of your document!

Other features include:

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  • The ability to view what your suppliers are saying about your document. This will help you address supplier concerns, and make updates/improvements to your document as you see fit.

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